Tuesday, September 04, 2007

peace moment

this has been a stunning weekend .......
this ending of August
and beginning of September

one by one
motors stopped
boats disappeared

one by one
docks were pulled out of the water
like raising drawbridges
that enabled man to invade the water

one by one
cars were heard exiting
crushing dry leaves
that littered the road

as man left
ducks and loons returned

the water stilled
the air was thick with peace

during the night
hoots of the owls
competed with calls of the coyotes
and the whippoorwills

dawn brought the thirsting deer
back to the water's edge

turkeys trotting across the road
and through the fields

mink swimming unimpeded

conscious of the deepness of the quiet
this morning
while slipping the kayak into the lake

paddling along its edges
it was wonderful
to see the bare face of the shore again

only rarely was there smoke
rising from a chimney

my favorite time of year
swimsuits during the day
flannelet and wool socks at night

and the peace

the peace

the peace

in a few days
six of us
all women
will be spending four whole days
mostly in silence
in this silence

we have agreed
to only speak
between 7 and 10 each evening
while serving one another communion
and sharing a meal together

six women

will it be possible

I think so .............

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