Tuesday, May 10, 2011

earthquake moment

some people I love hugely are going through a tumultuous time .........
something caused an eruption on the weekend -
this eruption has turned into a massive earthquake
and the fallout is wide

just like in the natural
an earthquake reveals a hidden fault line

so it is in the spiritual
and much is being revealed

the surprising part
is that this all has surfaced a fear in me

not sure what the fear is all about
but while listening to words falling with a massive fury yesterday
I became very afraid ..........
physically afraid

of what

of whom

the collateral damage to this particular earthquake is sobering

sometimes we are asked to say hard things
to point out a piercing truth
and sometimes this truth can pierce so deep
it smashes a relationship

and all I can hang onto is the fact
that I must always care most about an individual's relationship with God
and be willing to risk that individual's relationship with me

very much a
he said
she said
situation right now

I know enough
to know
the truth is always somewhere in the middle
sometimes hidden underneath the middle

right now there are these huge boulders blocking the middle
and these boulders have sharp edges
and these boulders can crush

and I am not looking forward to the excavation process
but I am looking forward to light penetrating darkness ...........
true light penetrating all darkness

1 comment:

walkingintherain said...

Somehow your words comforted me this morning. I was searching for something a found a bit of it in this post. Thank you.