Monday, May 09, 2011

pollute moment

when I was in training
back in the '60's
there were still a lot of unknowns
working with radiation

we were given badges by the govt
so that our exposure would be monitored
while doing research after hours
we took our badges off
to avoid personal radiation counts building up

which meant many many times
I was over exposed

nothing visible on the outside
but radiation seeped into each cell
each organ
each muscle
each bone
slightly altering everything
slightly changing everything
and even now still destroying who I am

but there is something far more dangerous
far more insidious than radiation
a danger that attacks our souls

if a concerted effort is not made to keep this danger out
the very core of a person can be poisoned
and destroyed

scripture says out of our bellies will flow rivers of living water
if we are not vigilant
poison can creep into each and every tiny crack
of our personal well
poison our water
stop the flow
turn the river into sludge
contaminating our souls
plus the souls of anyone who drinks what we offer

I have heard messages about a false Christ
a false Spirit
a false God
and I do believe quoting scripture from the mouth
while the heart is in shadow
or darkness
creates an illusory safety
of standing in a false light

the plumb line must be true
a thought
a flirt
a touch
a desire
can shift the plumb line ever so slightly
just the tiniest bit
but just the tiniest bit erases the true
changes the light
pollutes the well

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