Saturday, November 11, 2006

Clarissa Pinkola Estes:
One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do
to intervene in a stormy world
is to stand up and show your soul.
Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times.
The light of the soul throws sparks,
can send up flares,
builds signal fires,
causes proper matters to catch fire.
To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these -
to be fierce
and to show mercy toward others,
are acts of immense bravery
and greatest necessity.
Struggling souls catch light from other souls
who are fully lit and willing to show it.
If you would help to calm the tumult,
this is one of the strongest things you can do.


mary said...

Dear Andrea i have just caught up on reading your posts...
...and I weep.
...and wish
i could be known as you have made yourself known...

~ by ones who would help keep my flame burning and not steal the flame and then throw dirt on my own.

May i be brave



Andrea said...

thank you Mary for sharing your time with me by reading my stumbling words and then caring to comment.
this whole blogging season has stretched me hugely -it has not always been a comfortable stretch but it is never good to be at ease with ease and so I persist in ridding myself of the protective clothes that I have hidden behind for so many years. nearing the end of the journey has provided some courage and some impetus.

after the mourning does come the dancing ...... so keep your shoes near by ......