Saturday, November 04, 2006

Friday moment

and so the dance continues ....

out of the proverbial blue
I received a call inviting me to an evening of worship and intercession
the caller believed that it was important that I attend
and he offered to come, pick me up, drive me out and bring me home

because of the respect I have for this person, I listened and accepted his offer

and so we went
out deep into the countryside
to a small 200 year old church

the living stones had gathered inside
surrounded by the great cloud of witnesses

the worship was intense and focused
the prayers were deep and passionate
the dance was powerfully beautiful
the cries were from the heart
the groans were groans of labour

there was an abandonment
that birthed a freedom to be all that God was calling for

there was communion

there was oil

there was prophecy

there was healing

there was deliverance

there was love

and in the midst of it all
there was Jesus

and shortly before dawn
I was driven home

and deeply touched
and filled with hope once again

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