Wednesday, November 22, 2006

mountaintop moment

I have just returned
from spending three days
on the top of a mountain
in Vermont

face to face with my God
while being held
in the arms of His people

while climbing up this mountain
I understood in a new way
the importance of traveling light

how the weight of the things we carry
can slow us down
cause us to wonder
if the effort to reach the top
is worth it

how freeing it was
to lay it all down
on the top of this mountain
in the Presence of my God

I heard the voice
of my God
say my name
on the top of this mountain

I felt the touch
of my God
on the top of this mountain

it has been a humbling privilege
to be loved
by the body of Christ
on the top of a mountain
in Vermont
in the Presence of my God

after a long trip
from another land
I was home
on the top of a mountain
in Vermont

ascend to the hill of the Lord
and stand in His holy place


mary said...

the mountain...

so warmed to know you have been on the mountain, Andrea...
how wonderful!

in the valley of the shadow; sometimes all can i see is the mountains' distant form
a hope and a promise
it seems so far away...

yet; i am being walked thru...
and know a mountain is soon.

~ life can't all be valleys and deserts can it?

bless you dear one

Andrea said...

but Mary
there is beauty in the desert
colors that are not seen anywhere else
the view is vast and unlimited and unhindered
it is Jesus who lures us into the desert to speak tenderly with us

and it is in the valley
in the deepest part of the valley
that one finds the water -
sometimes a river
sometimes only a stream
but water nonetheless

there are flowers that grow only in the deepest valleys
where the arms of the valley
hold their fragrance

don't rush your journey
nor seek to be anywhere else

consider the One who journeys with you ...........

mary said...

thank-you, andrea.
of course your words are true
being fueled by Truth

He woos me in the desert,
and the Love i've found in the valley has roots and beauty
deeper than that which is mountaintop...

i hesitate to divulge here
where any can read
so, will try to be content and respect the
'safe' arms length
for now

" the degree one has experienced grief
can one understand the heights of

my grief goes deeper in this hour
i've kept
my shoes near by
blessings heaped upon you.