Wednesday, December 07, 2005

name moments

I have been pondering names
my name
your name
our names

why are we given our name

is it the meaning behind the name
and when we discover that meaning
do we try and “become” our name

is it because the name holds a comforting memory
of some one
some thing
some time
some place

names given a baby
spoken like a blessing
like a caressing
like a signature

wrapping this new life
in the swaddling clothes of a name

is there a danger
of allowing our name to give us our identity

what if we do not particularly like our name

can we have so many names
they only cause confusion

and I think of Jesus
who was really named Jeshua
over the years we changed His name
to suit our tongue
but His mother named Him
as she was instructed

and I think of how His name is spoken
with awe

and in anger

often the name spoken
in total ignorance
of the man
the person
the child
who yet today lives and bears that name

and I think of Mary
who waited outside the tomb
her eyes clouded by
I am not sure all the components of her clouding

but this clouding caused her not to see
the One she had come to seek

and it was only in the speaking of her name
that her vision cleared

however it was not simply her name
but the sound
the tone
the love
with which it was spoken

I am coming to understand
it is not our name that is as important
as it is the mouth
that speaks it

the lips
the tongue
that our name falls from

your name
my name
is only safe in the mouth of a friend

our words
the overflow of all that is in our heart

you must be loved in a heart
to be safe in a mouth

whose mouth speaks my name

whose name is in my mouth

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