Saturday, December 17, 2005

seed moment

I have been thinking a lot about the Christ child
and how before He was a child
He was one human female reproductive cell
made viable not by another human cell
but by the energizing activity of the Spirit of God
an integration of the human and divine natures -
the infinite eternal Son of God
confined to the potentiality of one cell

God stepped into the very heart of the human processes
He came through the very system which He Himself had created for us
He was not ashamed of us as He identified Himself with us
Emmanuel: God with us

God WITH us
not far away
not unreachable but down here inside the mess
within His callings
experiencing it all
for us
with us

this is the God
who gathers us to worship

this is the God
we are created to worship

this is the God
Who only asks that we love Him

will there be room in the inn this season

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