Tuesday, December 13, 2005

taken by the hand moment

feeling surrounded lately
by events
hard to see
to find
a path through it all
and I suddenly remembered
a moment this past summer
when I had to trust
and take the hand of a stranger
this man who said
he knew a place
there was no trail
no path
and with some trepidation
I allowed him to lead me
because I knew I could not find the way myself
the difference today
is in knowing the Hand
that I must take
it is not a stranger
but my closest Friend
who will lead me
because know I cannot find the way myself

have you found it yet
come, let me show you

his steps were swift and sure

look carefully
learn to read the signs

he led me deeper amongst the trees
down a bit
over the mossy rock

I recognized the sounds
and feel
of a moment

suddenly my eyes saw
that which my heart had been longing to know

bathed in light
serene in its being

a poustinia

drawing near I hesitated
go in he said

opening the door
I entered the voice of my Beloved

I have been waiting for you

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