Monday, December 19, 2005

overwhelming moment

this past Saturday evening
we gathered
for our first Christmas dinner
in the dining room of
the National House of Prayer
once again I was overwhelmed
by the goodness and mercy
of our God Who faithfully provides
out of His abundance
this building
that was a house of prayer
and is again
a House of Prayer
I was aware of the great cloud of witnesses
who joined with us
as we ate, laughed, cried, prayed
and ate some more
there was time for reminiscing
for honoring
for blessing
for prophetic words to be spoken
the significance of being
in the shadow
of the Peace Tower
was not lost on anyone
there was also an awareness
of the heaving of the land
in the throws of its labour
but it was the ticking of the clock
signifying this eleventh hour
that rammed me to my knees
I literally could feel the soil
of this land Canada
shaking, quaking
under the footsteps of the Lord
as I pressed my face
into the freshy waxed floor
now wet with my tears
the wail from deep within
was no longer able to be contained
the fancy clothes forgotten
it was simply a moment to travail
there is a weightiness of these times
and I wonder
in the midst of the partying
will there be found room
in this inn
called Canada

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