Saturday, September 23, 2006

asking moments


what would it sound like
if we allowed You to speak
what would it look like
if we allowed You to build Your church
what would Your horizon consist of
if we learned to looked beyond our fear of failure
what would Your dream be
if we stopped dreaming our dreams
what would Your manna taste like
if our mouths were not so full of junk food
what would Your song be
if we laid down our own idea of what worship is
what would You do
if we stopped all our striving

would You tear down the house
so as to rearrange all the stones

would You build walls
or would You build a city

the sheep are scattered
where are all the shepherds, Jesus

where are the ones who would weep
between the porch and the altar

where are the wailing women

where are the upright
who quickly lie down
so another might stand tall

although the words of God are read
there is a famine in this land
for the Word

we are such deep lovers of self
what would it be like
if we were deep lovers of God

if we removed the I, I, I
and became we, we, we

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