Thursday, September 28, 2006

shepherd moment

although grey and rainy outside
there was an abundance of sunshine and warmth
as 50 or so shepherds came alongside one another this morning
to eat, listen, share, speak, discover, worship

and just be

there was free admission of weariness



there were shoulders offered
arms opened
a rending of hearts

there were dancing feet
and wounded bleeding stumbling feet

and all came together
in the cleft of the Rock

some entered in easier than others
but all entered in

and it was lovely to see heads that had been bowed
eyes that had been dimmed
mouths that had been closed

and this morning
we together were church
in the cleft of the Rock

very often
there are lean and terrible years
between anointing and crowning
with a treacherous valley lying between the two

there are many destined for authority
who never wear its crown
and there are many destined for authority
who seize power before they are ready

there are those who live for the praise of man
and there are those whose one and only desire
is to behold the beauty of the Lord

and it takes a coming together
to reveal
who is who

and it is an offered hand
that helps another up

and it is very sad
when the offer
is not able to be accepted

and all one can do is continue to love

it is
it must be
God alone who sets up one
and takes down another

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