Wednesday, September 27, 2006

laser moments

very early in the morning
before the things of the day really began
a laser penetrated and burned away
a growth on my cheek
although hardly visible on the surface
it was said to be deep
and dangerous

like an iceberg
the part not seen
hidden beneath the surface
was where the danger lay

and so for a few days
I am walking with a visible wound
looking just slightly beaten up

while all around me
are those whose body may flourish
but at the same time
their soul withers

those who do not fit
where they are going
because they are still dressed
for where they came from

those still dwelling on the harms done them by man
thus amputating from their mind
the power of dwelling upon God

and I think of the laser of the Holy Spirit
how we need this white fire to roar through our lives
burning out what is superficial
leaving a core of love

we can still fly injured
given a little love

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