Tuesday, August 15, 2006

dawn moment

your Lord
will turn your bitter tears to sweet perfume
mend your broken heart
pour warm, fragrant oil into the deep wound
My heart is fused with your heart
in your grief I am one with you
I will fill the vacant place
My arms will hold you and you will not fall
My grace will sustain you and you will not faint
My joy will fortify your spirit
My smile will dispel the shadows and My voice will speak courage
I will keep you and you will not know fear
your feet will rest on the threshold of heaven and I will hide you in My pavilion
you will have My constant care
I will not leave you for a moment
I will keep you from despair and deliver you from confusion
by your light others shall be led out of the valley
by your courage the weak will be lifted up
do not look back
keep your face toward the sunrise
for I will rise fresh daily in your soul with healing in My wings
never stifle the cry in your heart; I put it there
My joy springs forth most abundantly in souls that have been soaked in tears
the tears of devotion and longing for Me
My grace will be poured out like a tumbling waterfall
you will wear My love like a cloak
and I will whisper My words in your ears

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