Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday moments

after spending last evening worshiping with friends
today was spent in prayer with one of God's chosen and anointed shepherds

the cries were deeply sad
and somewhat reflective

and I suspect
if the truth was told
not all that unique


how did my relationship with You become a job

I was there once
now how do I get back there
responsibilities, people, worries
what do I do with all that
You are all I want
all I ever needed
is that true?
if so, how have You turned into a job

what is my bread for this day
how often have I not recognized my bread
how often have I not tasted my daily bread
because my mouth was filled with junk food

how often am I not desirous of my daily bread
but rather seek bread for tomorrow
for all my tomorrows
how often am I not accepting of my daily bread
because I wish or have a taste for something else

how many times do I not recognize my daily bread
because I have asked for what I want
what I am desirous of
and thus do not recognize what You have provided

my wants are greater than accepting the needs You have provided

how do I lift my eyes from the snakes seen in the midst of the people

Jesus, what would it look like if we allowed You to do what You wish to do
what might You do if we invited You to have Your way with us
what would it sound like if we allowed You to speak

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