Wednesday, August 30, 2006

washing moment

on Tuesday
uncovered my feet
at the time
I did not fully understand
and even now
am only able to catch a tiny glimpse

this morning
in the street clinic
where it is my deep privilege
to wash
the feet
of my friends
who find themselves
living outside of all walls

these beautiful ones
who have so captured my heart
had quietly arranged
their own agenda

they came together
in all their finery
gloriously colored, spiked and wild hair
nails polished maroon

they came together
in their desire
to wash
the feet
of the one who had come to do the washing

when I asked why
there was a wish to do this
they answered
that they had learned
while having their feet washed
that it is the very best way
to tell someone you love them

so they gathered
on the floor
at my uncovered feet
and as they washed
they allowed me to lay my hand on each head
and quietly speak the Name of Jesus

and I learned
it is immeasurably more difficult
to be washed
than to wash

but I also learned
that this was necessary
to dismantle any remaining wall

there is now no more
me and you

and I felt
the heart of Jesus
as these broken reeds
these lost lambs
these tender shoots
the washer


Hogie said...

Oh I am so deeply moved by this. It is with tears still on my cheeks that I say WOW!

mary said...

Each one the face of Jesus...