Saturday, August 12, 2006

this moment

loving is not something that I do
rather it is something to become
and becoming that
I become a little more of who I am

all that matters is what you love
and what you love is who you are
and who you are is where you are
and where you are is where you will be when death takes you across the river
you can't avoid the journey but you can wake up now
and see where you've been
and where you are going

love is the willingness to give up a part of yourself you think you know
to discover a part of yourself you never knew existed

when you love
you complete a circle
when you die
the circle remains

if you listen to the smallest flower growing from a crack in your heart
you will hear a great song
you will feel it touching you
around you
embracing you with light

move outside
where you can feel rain
and sun
and wind
where you can begin to climb the tree that is growing in your heart

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