Monday, August 14, 2006

journey moments

the destination is in the journey
we are not conditioned for this type of journey
and can only water the road with our tears

we need to desire to journey well
bringing honor and glory to Jesus

too many do not live in the present moment
either looking ahead
or looking behind
instead of finding God in the present moment

there is a place in Jesus
where the past and the future leave us
the meaning of our lives emerges
in the surrender of ourselves
to an adventure of becoming
who we are not yet
the sucking sea tugs at my feet
the cold cry of the seagulls
waves steal the footprints of summer from the sand
beneath the silver moon

the stillness of the stones
the sea polished stones
welcome me as I wade ashore

an unseen Hand
places communion bread on my tongue
and peace seeps into my soul

and He will hold out His hands to us
and we shall fall down before Him
and we shall weep
and we shall understand all things
then we shall understand all
and all will understand

Lord, thy kingdom come

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