Friday, February 25, 2011

jet moment

it is such a privilege
to wake up in this place each morning
leap out of bed
grab my hat
and head for the beach -

while walking my usual 2 mile route today
I noted all the shells
lying face up
like cupped hands
each one holding water ..........

and I thought of Jesus
how He continually offers Himself

offers living water

all the heavy news this week
of death
and grief
and deep sorrow

and in the middle of it all
Jesus offers Himself

we have the choice
to drink
or not

it is impossible to question
while drinking ......

suddenly a huge fighter jet
screamed across the sky
such a piercing sound
I could actually feel it

and when everything was quiet again
I realized the pain in my soul was gone

it was as if the jet had pulled something out
as it went overhead .......

so interesting
that Jesus would choose that moment
to heal my soul

while in the valley
I am able to drink

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