Sunday, February 20, 2011

yesterday moment

yesterday was just so weird
I don't even know how I feel about it
I can't find an appropriate word

we spent the day with my brother in law
his ex wife
and her current husband

sitting by their pool
in the back yard of their new home

there is a high spouting fountain that spills into the pool
and there was just as much wine flowing beside the pool

the conversation was disturbing to my spirit
it all seemed so shallow
so empty

their lives are consumed with momentary pleasure
or what they hope will bring them pleasure

things are being accumulated
and set out for display

there really is no thought for tomorrow
other than the fact everyone bemoans the fact
that retirement is no longer on anyone's horizon

the economy here is really in the tank
and all hope of stopping work at 60 or 65
or even 70 has vanished

no one seems to like their job
it is simply a means to an end
an empty end

and so minds
are all numbed by the continuous intake of alcohol

bodies are surgically tucked
and bleached


there is no thought to caring for their spirit

their soul

in the midst of all the empty laughter filling the air
I silently wept inside

there seemed to be no point to anything

and this is family ............

it was good to get in the car and drive away
and yet
all night I could not sleep

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