Friday, February 18, 2011

pipe moment

today is starting off in a fog
a literal fog

sort of appropriate

I know the sea
the beach
the birds
are all there
just hidden for the moment

reminds me of times
I know God is there
His Voice
His Presence
His touch
but hidden from me
because of the fog of a situation ..........

yesterday while walking the beach
I saw some huge pipes
obviously meant to drain rain water
from the inland waterway that meanders through the village

one of the pipes was 90% plugged with sand
from a high tide
when I peered way into it
I could see a tiny window of light at the other end

another pipe a little further along
was wide open
with water draining easily into the sand

there are times
because of our placement
or our positioning in that placement
the tides of life can fill us up
so there is no flow

makes me think of the coffee cup
with the broken handle

still able to do what it was designed to do
but needed two hands to hold it carefully

I have been that plugged pipe

I have been that coffee cup

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