Tuesday, February 22, 2011

overdone moment

not so wise yesterday -

went for a 5 mile hike
it was lovely getting out and about
and exploring different corners of this village
the last mile while coming home
was really tough -

we decided to return via the beach
and take advantage of the sea breeze ......
the tide was in
which meant we had to walk on soft sand
which kept slipping from beneath our feet

by the time we stepped onto our beachfront
I was totally done in


after resting for 3 hours
my heart rate finally started to slow down
and my head pounding eased off a bit

all made me wonder
what we would do
if my heart failed again down here ..........

realized that even though it has only been 2 years

I had already started to take things for granted again

our bodies
fearfully and wonderfully made
need to be understood
listened to
cared for

one has to find the right balance
between caring for the soul
and caring for the body

can't do one without the other

this day
I will strive to be a tad wiser

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