Saturday, March 17, 2007

missing moment

there was a moment
37 or so years ago
when another woman's baby
was placed in her arms
to hold
care for

she knew he would only be in her arms for three months
but even so
it was impossible to hold back
and she gave her whole heart

too soon her heart was heavy
and her arms empty

the birth of her babies
one by one
filled her again

her heart enlarged now
she simply had more to give

then her grandbabies
one by one
were placed in these same arms

and the love flowed
like a waterfall
from a place deep within

and yet
through all the moments
of all these years
there is the missing
of the one who is absent

not a day goes by
without a wondering
about this baby
long ago grown into a boy
and now a man

is he well
is he happy
is he fulfilled

is he loved
is he loving

as an unexpected gift
seven years ago
another mother's son
was placed this time not in her arms
but in her heart

this son
a gentle man
a husband
and a father

each one for a season

and again
each day
of each week
of each month
of each year
will bring a moment
of wondering
of missing
of the two


never easy


myrrha said...

Although I do not know of whom you speak (is it you? or another)
I do know the Story.
As a foster mom for about 14 years... My heart... has many pieces of it out there somewhere and daily wonders "how is this one? or that one?".
And sometimes... it gets old.

Andrea said...

thanks myrrha for your comment and insight and honesty ......
I have been praying for you - and am filled with wonderings that may or may not trespass into an area I am not invited nor welcomed .......
why do you no longer dance
why have you changed your name
why do you now identify yourself with myrrh

of course
you need not answer

but I will continue to pray

Jesus knows