Sunday, March 25, 2007

remembering moments

on site
mostly out of sight
since last Thursday

850 gentle men
all sizes, shapes, colors
and ages

some came eagerly
others gently pulled through the doors by caring friends

the warm smiles of the volunteers

the vibrant depth of the worship
that soared
and floated
and quietly bathed

the humble hearts of those speaking
one by one coming for prayer
these men
giants in their field
with tears pouring down their cheeks
the sincerity of their thank you

the brilliance of their smiles
when returning after their session
their bone crushing hugs

the ones who now and again slipped through the door
simply wishing to sit
with one who was praying

83 of these gentle men
someone's son
someone's dad
someone's brother
someone's husband
someone's father
decided to surrender
and accept
the gift
offered to them by pierced hands

the stories
so many stories
I will never ever forget the stories

and so
since Thursday night
it has simply been
a ministry of presence
and a keeper of stories

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