Wednesday, March 21, 2007

wednesday moment

and so the challenge

to love
to lay down my life for my brother

and when my brother
is my enemy (hostile, unfriendly, antagonistic, opponent)

to still love
and lay down my life

somewhat easier
although still a challenging choice
to love from a distance

but God
being God
has asked this to be a close up love
a close up laying down my life

sometimes the enemy posture is not obvious
just a rumbling in your gut that something is amiss
the odd little word
an awkward prayer
a look
a gesture

then suddenly
what was hidden is exposed
a betrayal
a broken promise

and we
am called to love this one
to be willing to lay my life down
for this one
who means me harm
this hostile force

I have come to realize my struggle in this
is all centered around whether or not
I absolutely trust the One who asks this of me
this One who has already laid down His life for me
when I was yet His enemy

I must learn to die well
in this loving of my brother

1 comment:

mary said...

Oh... so beautifully written, again, Andrea.
This laying down of 'life'... not just what is dead to us; but that which is living, breathing, pulsating with the best we have to offer. To lay it down for a friend is one thing. To lay it down for an enemy another. To lay it down for a friend who betrays; the hardest.