Thursday, March 29, 2007

scott's moment

I have a friend
his name is Scott
he lives on the other side of the mountains
he plays in a band
he pastors in a pub
he is on a journey
below are his words from yesterday's travels

we are a people desperately in need of grace. few of us are not keenly aware of our own shortcomings. you probably don't need to tell me mine, i have a list longer than you have. we don't need to be excused of our personal evil, that we need to repent of. but what we need is grace. we need unconditional love in spite of who we are, not because of what we do. we need to be forgiven, even when we don't know how to ask. we need grace. grace is not something i can earn. not something i deserve. i thank god he does not treat me like i deserve, because i deserve hell. he treats me like i want to treat others. there are those out there who are hell bent on retribution. most of them are christians. i myself have lived like that, in days past. but the cost is too high. the bitterness slowly eats away like a cancer and rapes us of our joy. and i'm tired of it.
i'm tired of hating.
i'm tired of wanting revenge.
i'm tired of living in the past.
i'm tired of hanging on to the hate.
i too need grace.

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