Tuesday, May 27, 2008

and so
here I am
tucked away in this beautiful room
in this quite amazing place
on the shores of Wolfe Lake

I have been blessed this time with a private room
called eagle
I wonder at the name
and what it is I will see
whether it will be an outward seeing
or an inward seeing

there are only five of us on this course
some came farther than others
but we all came because of One

it is an eight day course
necessitating bringing some luggage
but we quickly learned
tucked in our luggage
is some baggage

yesterday we shared our stories
and we all have a story ...........

last evening was very tender
after worship
we positioned ourselves before the Lord
in a womb of silence
allowing Him to place His finger on areas needing His touch

I discovered my well of grief
has not yet been emptied
and the grief is far wider
more encompassing
and painful than I knew

it was sort of fitting that it was storming outside
the pelting rain and bending trees
a vivid picture of what was going on inside my heart

later I lay in this huge bed
and simply let the tears flow
until it seemed my heart was pillowed on a sea of salty water

in the middle of the night
I got up to pray and journal
and found a tender prayer that had been emailed to me
by this new found friend in England

he also included a picture of the view from his poustinia
his name is David
how fitting as he spends his days watching the sheep of his pasture ..........
he says we have much to learn from sheep ..........

this is now day 3 of the course
and I somewhat hesitantly await its unfolding .....

tonight we will simply gather and worship for the evening .....

I have no doubt it will be a day of wonder .............

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