Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday moment

dark still
rain pelts against the window
no bird songs filling the air
the house is silent
as the land simply lies there
drinking in the rain

only six hours remaining here
then pack up and off to the cottage
and although it has been amazing
I am ready to go
and happy to be leaving some baggage behind
to go home lighter than I arrived

the Spirit had His own plans for yesterday
I learned a lot
about myself and others
I learned a lot deeper things of God, His Son and Spirit
I learned more about what it means to embrace the altar
and die
I learned that in the body we really do feel one another's pain
I learned that freedom comes with a cost
I learned there is a lot of judgement within the body
I learned to stand at the foot of the cross

I need to process much

fitting it is again raining outside

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