Friday, May 30, 2008

friday moment

and so
here I am
Friday ..........
and while other days have been days of giving
this is a day set aside to receive

something not always easy for me to do

still unsure exactly what it is that God wishes me to be transparent about
I went to the very end of the dock last evening,
to be close to the water –
I lay on the dock and noted that although the waves would cause the dock to shake a bit,
it remained solid –
did not collapse –
or be destroyed–
that is how I feel at times,
there is a shaking when stuff comes against me,
but my feet are solidly planted on the Rock of Jesus –
and I am not destroyed

a boat must have gone by somewhere –
I did not see it nor hear it
but the waves,
the ramifications of its passing,
now reach me,
touch me –
and this makes me think of sin in the body of Christ,
or our own generational sins –
we do not see it,
nor hear it,
and yet it eventually reaches us,
crashes into us,
touches us if it is not cut off...........

then I looked up and saw a huge hawk
or perhaps an eagle???????????
(I have been crying out to see an eagle)
circling above,
floating in the thermal,
never moving its wings,
content to go where the wind took it,
not fighting,
or even assisting the wind,
just soaring in the heat of the love of God,
in the wind of the Spirit –
no matter where,
no matter when ........
and how I long to live like that ...........
no matter where,
no matter when,
no resisting or assisting,
soaring in the wind...........
completely abandoned to the Wind .............

and so
we will see what comes out of my mouth
when asked to share .......

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