Saturday, May 10, 2008

bridge moment

there are times
the pains of others
the pains of me
pass over my heart
like vehicles crossing a bridge

some seasons the passing is quick
and some seasons slower

lately though
the bridge of my heart is bearing the weight
of a stalled pain

this pain remains parked
not moving forward
and not receding

is it simply that the pain is so big
so wide
such a heavy load
that it needs to cross over slowly
in order to completely reach the other side

fortunately the footings of my heart
are embedded in solid Rock

there is a creaking
a groaning
a stretching
some cracks being exposed
but the underpinnings are holding

as the weight of it increases
a new sound is being birthed
an ebbing and flowing sound
like the rising and falling sounds of labour

it is necessary to flow with its rhythm
to breathe
and not push

and in time
this will either pass over
or crush me

but even in a crushing
it will be a falling on the Rock

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