Tuesday, May 20, 2008

wild moment

when a child
my wild soul guided much of my life
inspiring my play
my creation
and my friendships
as I grew up
slowly and surely
cloaked my soul in all sorts of civilized clothing
as most of us do
my wild soul came up in me now and again
but it had no place
or support
and its tenderness shrank from the world
eventually I chose the “should” life
anxious to put behind me
the dangers of living with my tender soul exposed
however after years of this
despite my best efforts to keep everything in order
my suffocating soul cried out
causing a need to create a life
nourishing my soul
and honoring my tender heart
nurturing a soulful, creative life that is of benefit to others
requires tenderly reconnecting with my wild soul
creating a loving
nonjudgmental space
for my tender parts to gain footing and courage

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