Wednesday, January 24, 2007

footprint moments

many feet have walked in and out of my life
some have walked in to stay
and some just seem to have traveled through

each foot its own size
leaving its own print
with its own sound

some feet are tiny
running with exuberant delight

some feet are bigger
still running with exuberant delight

some feet are heavy
dragging slowly

some feet pound and tromp

some feet dance

each one leaving its mark
contributing to the me of me

the moments of today were filled
with one who has been called
grace on two feet

it was the hands I first saw coming

the feet that season were of necessity
in big brown boots

I am grateful
for the prints of these now unshod feet
in my life

even when in the boots
there was no tromping
steady direct walking
but no tromping

there is a largeness to these feet
a weightiness
a depth to their prints

yet where they trod
life is heard
and grace is felt

there is a huge weightiness to God
but there was at least once
He left no footprints as He passed

Psalm 77:19
your path led through the sea
your way through the mighty waters
though your foot prints were not seen

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