Monday, January 29, 2007

banquet moment

there was a banquet
the invitation came from the King

everyone gathered round a huge table
resplendent in color and aroma
groaning under the weight of abundance
side to side
end to end
with every imaginable good thing

each one took their seat

the china was gold
the goblets purest crystal

where knives and forks were expected
there were only chop sticks
three foot long chop sticks

the aromas of this feast
were tantalizing
causing an immediate desire to eat
and satiate the rumbling stomachs

chop sticks were eagerly picked up
only to discover
that the three foot length
prevented one from bringing food
anywhere near his mouth

a huge mess ensued
as food was dropped

frustration grew
anger erupted


the table grew silent
as one by one
each looked to the King
sitting at the head of His table

the King
slowly picked up his three foot long chop sticks
and proceeded to feed the person sitting beside him

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