Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ooze moment

way back near the beginning of my blog journey
I shared some thoughts about the cocoon
and my fears

it is fascinating that once again I am in that season
being asked to "attach" myself
with those same fears rising up
and just yesterday
a friend
on the other side of the mountains
knowing nothing of my present pondering
sent me the following:

You have to want to emerge from the little cocoon you’ve burrowed into. Caterpillars literally dissolve into a goopy liquid of individual cells inside the cocoon. New cells mysteriously start popping up called imaginal cells. These are the cells that hold the shape of the butterfly to come. The old cells treat them as invaders and try to kill them but the imaginal cells keep popping up anyway and cluster together in larger and larger groups. Eventually some of the imaginal cells change into antennae cells, others into wing cells, until a completely different creature is created from the ooze.

and so
the ooze of me


at peace


1 comment:

mary said...

ooze becomes newness of life!

No wonder in this season I feel so mushy all the time... and start to leak...

let the metamorphasis continue!