Sunday, January 21, 2007

wonder moments

this has been a day filled with wonder
invited to speak - which is a wonder in itself -
to a fellowship
not huge in numbers
but huge in heart

a fellowship finding itself again after being lost
learning to stand after being knocked down
seeking separation of truth from lies

at different times during our time together
hearts were shared
forgiveness sought
weakness confessed

we worshiped on bent knees
and linked arms as communion was shared

hands were extended and received

love was spoken and heard

in the midst of great simplicity
Jesus was seen, felt, heard and tasted

and together
we were the church

it was very lovely
to be with this part of the body

the day began with strangers
who after all are simply people not yet met
and we parted as family

I have been deeply touched
this day

1 comment:

mary said...

I weep with hope and longing ...
to hear your stories of such a Body
and such authenticity...
I weep
and wander in the desert
"are you there?"
My Beloved.