Thursday, January 04, 2007

pillar moment

I have a friend
(is it OK that I call you friend?)
who has overcome much
and it is out of this overcoming
a worshipping heart has been forged

in a dream last night
I saw this one
deeply bending over
arms hugging a pillar
that was lying on the ground

there was a significant struggle
but the pillar was eventually pulled upright

it rocked a bit
in finding its balance

there was a large crack
in this pillar
that was only noticed
once it was again upright

my friend saw this crack
and stretched a hand
towards it

the right hand
was the one
that reached out

as the pillar steadied
and became still and solid
this pillar
and my friend
became one

and the crack that had been in the pillar
was now a wound in the heart of my friend

and it was only when everything was still
and quiet
that you could hear
a most beautiful
that came from deep within that wound

like the soft inner moan
of a woman
beginning her labour

as with her hands across her belly
protecting the life within
she abandons herself
to the tides
of transitioning
to birth

there was a depth
and a width
and a height
to this sound
that came from the wound
in the heart
of my friend

there was a richness
and a poverty
an authority
and a hesitating meekness

this sound
never captured

forever free
to rise
into the ears
of the One
who listens

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Anonymous said...

This took my breath away. I think I leave the same comment on each post - but it is so beautiful. I love your vision.