Tuesday, January 02, 2007

tuesday moment

I pray
we will take his nail pierced hand
and revisit the fields of our life which seem barren
to find tender shoots of life sprouting from long hidden seeds

I pray
in our midnight
his praises will pour forth from our mouth
causing the bars of any imprisonment to crumble

I pray
in the quiet of our dawn
we will be nourished by the food
he has prepared for us

I pray
in the agony of our cross
we will remember
in the place where he was crucified
there was a garden

I pray
in the lonely areas of our path
for a realization
that his wounded feet already have been there

I pray
we are warmed by his breath
washed by his tears
comforted by his song
healed in his dance

I pray
as his hand stirs the waters of our life
all wounds and scars disappear

I pray
for a greater revelation
as to what it means to walk
on the other side of the cross
in his resurrection power


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