Wednesday, November 23, 2005

aaaaaaah moments

I opened the door of my home
to a stranger this week

this gentleman
very quickly evident
a gentle man

weighed down
with the wonderings of the ways of God

a heart broken
feet dusty from the desert
hands emptied of all doing
eyes clouded with pain

his cloak
the brokenness of a pastor

his luggage
deferred hope
and a bruised spirit

the language of his tongue
only French
and mine
only English

our only speech in common
and the touch of our hands

I wondered what I could offer
this servant of the Lord
how could I even speak
so that he would understand

and in the ways of the Spirit
this was all taken care of

our hearts became one
talking was not necessary
only together kneeling
in the Presence

through words that stumbled a bit
he shared
that his heart
felt the burden in my heart
for him

and he knew his safety
had been assured
through this heart touching

on the evening of the second day
Jesus spoke
into the heart of this gentle man

the language of the Lord
giving revelation

the cloak of brokenness
fell from his shoulders

all luggage put down
enabling a standing up

the desire to give up
exchanged for an openness to hope

language is never a barrier
in the things of the Spirit

there is a hearing
a touching
between hearts
making words not necessary

a stranger entered the door of my home
but a brother entered the door of my heart

Jesus met with His son

and so today we will part
this gentle man will return to his home
and I will simply return to the things I do

but there is no leaving of each other
there is no separation

my heart has been enlarged
because I opened the door of my home
to a stranger

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