Sunday, November 20, 2005

alabaster moment

stumbling through her blinding tears
feeling such pain
the room grew quiet
as she made her way to Jesus

pierced by the whispers
of the unspoken rage
wrapped in her shame
she knelt at His feet

she did not speak
yet every word was heard
as she poured out her love
from her jar of alabaster

so don't be angry
when I press in
pouring out my praise like Mary's oil
washing His feet with my tears

you weren't there
the night He called my name
you didn't feel what I felt
when He wrapped His love around me

you don't know the cost of the oil
in my alabaster jar

1 comment:

Hogie said...

WOW! I'm excited to see this. This is most excellent that you are up and live on the web. I love what I'm reading, please keep it up.