Saturday, November 12, 2005

life moments

allow Life itself to be ever present. John 1:4.

life can not be mastered
it has to be given away

life belongs not to man
the ones who take it, break it

life is for the altar
those who dare to leave it there, are the survivors
life springs forth from an altar

to really live
to live truly
to live a rich life
has its root in an invitation of the Cross of Christ
to allow that Cross to do its work

life formulates and expresses structure
organization will never bring life

a life lived with purpose and candor
giving Him the vessel that He brought forth for an eternal purpose
giving Him my time, every hour, every minute.
giving Him my body, my energy to be spent in His way
giving Him my life, living unto Him, spending my life on Him

He spent His to give me this opportunity

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