Tuesday, November 01, 2005

worship moments

Worship can degenerate into a selfish grabbing for the supernatural

There are those who sing with their mouth
But there are some who worship with their lives.

Worship shapes the human community in response to the living God.
If worship is neglected or perverted
our communities fall into chaos or under tyranny.
The world is hostile to worship.
Some Christians even get killed because they worship.
The world hates worshipers.

Workers murder worshipers
in one form or another .........

There is indeed this thin place,
this tissue paper
separating the material from the spiritual
where one hears the sweet songs of God

and all other sounds
are then simply meaningless

do we sing in response to words on a screen
or do we sing in response to Who we see ........

whose rhythm do we follow

what forges our ability to worship

whatever happened to our worship

are we willing to push beyond our dignity and our fears

do we have an undivided heart

if our worship does not cost everything,
or does not involve brokenness and sacrifice,
is it worship at all

does our worship etch an everlasting mark on God's heart

does God remember the way that we worship

true worship must kill us
and it must bring a sense of brokenness and humility into our body,
and spirit

is there a lingering aroma over our lives that continually fills the throne room of heaven
is our worship like fragrant oil, even when we aren't worshiping any longer --
does the aroma of that sacrifice linger

what if we, in a conscious effort of worship,
were truly in unity with one another

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