Friday, November 04, 2005

dimmed moments

I find it sadly fascinating that the scientists in this land are talking publicly about the fact that the leaves of the maple trees have lost their brilliance this year -
the colors are dull and dimmed,
dusty browns as opposed to crisp reds -

the scientific community attributes this to the lack of rain this summer

could this be a visible sign of the spiritual dryness in this land,
an unhealthiness of our spiritual soil due the past, recent and forthcoming legislation

Canada's symbol is the red maple leaf
our maple leaf is no longer red

the symbol of our land has been dimmed
like our spiritual atmosphere

our maple trees are dying a premature death
is the country about to follow?

when will we, the church, wake up
and repent for our apathy
so that the reign of the Spirit will once again come
and restore us to life.

the spirit of tolerance that has invaded our churches
that has invaded our parliament
that has invaded our leaders
that has invaded our laws
needs to be addressed,
and cast down.

does anyone else see this?

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