Saturday, November 19, 2005

outside moments

the clouds
some gray with rain
others of whited fluff
swirling in that leisurely way of clouds

every few minutes
completely changing

the slow movement
seemingly rolling so steadily
yet actually
moving so rapidly
transforming constantly

as is the move of God
seemingly moving in our lives so slowly
but over time
over a year
we see
He was sweeping us along in His breathless pace ...
and we end where we did not foresee
we go where we never expected
we arrive where we never planned

we find ourselves moved ...
within the Move of God

the Holy Breath of God
moving the cloud of God's purpose
blowing and whispering
with gentle power

the wind blows where it wishes
you hear its sound
but you do not know where it comes from
or where it goes

the Holy Spirit
ever aware of Father's mind

all He does in harmony
with what Father has on His mind . . .

which is the end

every stirring breeze of the Spirit
toward that end

God stirs
by His marvelous thoughts.

"God is in cloudless rest about me
unchangeable in the satisfaction
of His boundless thoughts"
J.B. Stoney

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