Friday, November 18, 2005

divesting moments

in this season of divesting ……..
I have been looking at each item
with fresh eyes

remembering where it came from
and why it was important enough for me to keep

searching out the meaning of each “thing”
and reliving each memory

and then being very careful
in my method of divesting

something that was meaningful enough for me to keep
some for many many years
has to be treated respectfully, with care

like friendship

friends are a gift from God
and we have a responsibility to hold that gift carefully

when friendship deepens into community
true community
there is an allowing
of your life to be seen
like a crystal goblet
with the hands of that community
holding the goblet with you

helping hands
holding the goblet of your life
high in the Light

sometimes those hands suddenly let go

sometimes they toss the goblet of your life away

and it shatters
along with trust
and hope

and the shattered shards pierce and slice your heart

it takes many seasons
for the shards to come to the surface
so they may be removed

it is a fiercesome thing then
to bring this freshly repaired
not quite solid
near those hands again

once shattered
now tentatively put back together

there is a deep wondering
if it might be impossible
to repair again
enough to recover and be useable
should there be
a second tossing away

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