Sunday, January 08, 2006

2nd church moment

so, here we are
one week later

we, who were 18 last week
have morphed into 32 ………
including a 4 day old
our California friends
and our houseguest

as the door kept opening
I soon realized
we are now too many to even think of fitting around a table
let alone having enough dishes
knives, forks or spoons

and so there was an eating in shifts of sorts
really made no difference

there was still an abundance
of food
of joy
of music
of laughter

no one’s plate remained empty for long

more importantly
every hunger was met

I started to jokingly ponder
the need to set up a committee
a building programme
hire a nursery worker

but then ……………

we simply laughed

and worshiped

and prayed

and loved

and laughed some more

and church today was glorious

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