Saturday, January 21, 2006

communion moment

while immersed in communion last evening

the bread
held in the wine

entering every portion of white

through the process
of being entered

and I thought about my journey
the mountains
the valleys
the deserts
of the last few years

there was a season
of man exerting his will
and the storm of doubt that ensued
knocked me off balance for a bit

when I was hesitant to listen
to hear
to even seek
the Voice
the One

and these words tumbled out from deep inside

Living in a land of deep shadows
At the edge of the huge wingspan of a raging river

I have come to learn
I have come to lean and love

There is noise
But everything is quiet

I touch the seamless garment of silence

Night is leaving

I stand on the shore and watch
Feeling the weight of my life
Begin to drop
And I realize why dawn
Is called mourning

The rocks echo ancient rhythms
Heat slams into my skin

And I remain upright
Solely because the tendrils of my being
Cling to a cross

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