Monday, January 02, 2006

church moment

yesterday we gathered around a table
yes, there was yet another turkey
with all the stuff that goes alongside such a bird

but our focus was not the turkey

there was a caring
a listening
a touching

these were all deep thinking people
and there was a respecting
an honoring
of one another’s thoughts
a seeking to hear and to understand
sometimes with a gentle challenge
sometimes with a nod in agreement

I asked each one
to share the desire of their heart

and there was such beauty
as these tiny jewels were tenderly exposed in our midst

there were no grandiose “world peace” words

these were simple
cries of the heart

not surprising really
it was a cry of loneliness
that fell from the heart
of the one who had been
and always will be
a pastor

it was this cry that seemed to catch fire around the table
tears started to flow from many eyes
hearts softened and opened and enlarged

although already 18
around a table designed for 12
instinctively we pulled our chairs closer to one another

there was a physical touching
a spiritual touching

it was shared that the seeking of love
from a position of loneliness
can be fraught with danger

suffocation can result

there is only One who can satisfy this cry
and we determined to seek Him together
to love one another
while pursuing the One who is Love

a guitar was gently strummed
fingers tapped on the stretched skin of a drum
lips kissed a flute
a song was beautifully breathed over us
as we cared for one another

and so
for many hours
through the day
into the evening

around the table

with the breaking of bread
and the drinking of wine

we had church

we were the church

and although around separate tables today
we remain
the church

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