Thursday, January 26, 2006

table turning moment

while continuing to behold Jesus
through the eyes and words of John
I see again something new
while at the wedding
there was the possibility of a huge social faux pas
the hosts
friends of Jesus' mom
had miscalculated
and ran out of wine ........
this was very big in those days
Mary, the mother of this man Jesus,
simply brought this to His attention
not asking for Him to do anything about it
she simply spoke of it to Him
and then
she turned
saying quietly and confidently
to those around her
do whatever he tells you
there is much in those words
do whatever he tells you
without question
without hesitation
without understanding
do whatever he tells you
and then
this man Jesus
went to the water cisterns
these vessels
set aside for religious purposes only
sat apart by man for man's uses
and deliberately
overturned the tables of this religious practice
and caused these very cisterns
to be filled with celebratory wine
the best wine
an abundance of the best wine
so there is no need to ask Jesus to do anything
simply present our circumstance to Him
do everything he asks
while being prepared
for Him to overturn
all the religious tables
within our circumstance
who is this man Jesus

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