Tuesday, January 31, 2006

dew moment

I was reminded again this morning
of the importance of stillness
when God’s refreshment comes upon our souls
like dew.
God has arranged it
so that dew only settles on the leaves
when the heat is down
and there is no wind.
The plant gets the benefit of the refreshing of dew
when it is still
and its pores open up
to assimilate the moisture.
In like manner,
we will become wilted in our ministry
(and perhaps dry up)
if there is no time to be still before the Lord
in centering prayer
to allow the dew of the Holy Spirit to refresh our souls,
a time where one waits in stillness
(within and without)
before the Lord
and there is Spirit to spirit connection.
So many of the other aspects of prayer
(worship, praise, intercession)
naturally demand an investment of energy
and are, of course, part of a growing Christian’s life.
But there is an important place for stillness.

May all that we “do”
be filled with grace
because in stillness
we have received the “dew.

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