Wednesday, January 25, 2006

well moments

who is this man Jesus
although yet deep in the Lazarus scene
I have been watching Jesus' interaction
with the woman
at the well
it was noon
the hottest
most uncomfortable
moments of the day
the well
out in the open
no shade
the woman
shunned by all the other women
of her community
not welcome to gather
at the well with others
in the cool of the early morning
or the ease of the evening
forced to come
in the fiery heat
of mid day

Jesus was waiting
His friends having gone
to the shelter of the town
with its comforts
Jesus waited
in the heat
and the woman came
and this man Jesus
sat down
placing himself lower than the woman
from this non threatening
non authoritative position
he admitted his need
his frailty
his thirst
he asked her for help
all the while
the woman
he engaged her
from a position of vulnerability
and as she gave him water
he gave her life
this woman
used and abused
by her community
was resurrected
by a man
sitting in the heat of the day
tired and thirsty
a man who knew her
had waited for her
and then freed her
from her wrappings of death
as she ministered to
the thirst
and weakness
of his human body
who is this man Jesus

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